Facebooks Fact Checks are Just Opinion By Peter Boykin - American Political Commentator / Citizen Journalist   Facebook just confirmed in court what we already knew: Their "fact checks" aren't facts. They're opinion. The tech giant is in the middle of a legal battle with TV journalist John Stossel, who is suing them because they [...]
BIG TECH CENSORSHIP IS TAKING OUR FREEDOM Big tech announced a coordinated plan yesterday to use a centralized database to flag and ban "extremist content" across all social media platforms. Back up: The database is called the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT). It was originally created in 2017 to collect data on foreign [...]
Instead of Debating Bo Hines Blocked Peter Boykin in a Beta Move How Will Bo Handle Congress?   Bo Hines Mr #BetaBo Decided Rather than Debate #Boykin4Congress he took a play out of his experience in football and blocked Peter Boykin. How is Bo going to stand up for #AmericaFirst if he cannot even debate [...]

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